Social Media Recklessness

From inappropriate comments about you doing “yahoo yahoo” to threatening to kill someone
there have been a plethora of instances where teenagers and adults have discovered that
what they say on the internet is being taken seriously by law enforcement. In these instances, the posts on Facebook or whatsapp satus were intended to be sarcastic, but the harsh
nature of the language perpetuated legal responses. To many, any law enforcement
action in response to these posts is an evident violation of First Amendment rights, which
ensures freedom of speech.
While I agree that people have the right to say whatever they please, in a world where
shootings, fraud and other violent actions are realistic threats to society, I understand the visceral reaction law enforcement bodies have to these posts. It is reasonable for the threats to be investigated in
order to ensure that there are no sinister intentions. However, the imprisonment of most of these individuals is just unnecessary. Instead, teens need to be educated of the great impact your posts on the internet can have in addition to the great consequences. Whenever you put your name to something on
the web, it is there forever for people to see. For example

Sarcastic remarks about killing someone may seem trivial to you; but as mentioned before,
the structure of modern society does not permit such loose talk.


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