Easiest Method On How To Unban or Unblock a Website Link on Facebook

Easiest Method On How To Unban or Unblock a Website Link on Facebook

 Nowadays, lots of people have fall victim of their URL been blocked, banned or blacklisted by so many engines and social media. The funny part is that most people that are been blocked or banned from a particular place don’t even know what they did wrong.

A major way you can stop been blacklisted is to avoid Spamming. Now how can you stop spamming?

It’s simple, avoid posting your links all the time and everywhere in a particular place in the name of getting backlinks or getting clicks to your site. You might end up not just been banned from a social media or site but also banned by GOOGLE. If you want to get traffic to your site there are genuine ways of doing that.

To unblock a link on facebook is not an easy tax Facebook is a site where you interact, meet people and also advertise of so many things for free due to the high volume of people that are on it.

For long now, there have been lots of people complaining that their link has been blocked on facebook and they have tried all they could to unblock a link on facbook but they could not, how bad can that be most especially if facebook is the major source of your traffic. It’s frustrating, YES I know.

Some of this people decide to forget about the link and go get another domain name to use on facebook and still after words, they still get blocked or banned again or try other methods to see if they can be successful and there and there they give up. You don’t have to give up because there is a way out. All you need to do is know how to unblock a link on facebook instead of giving up.

In a situation like this, you are going to see and hear all manner of methods from different people and country on how to unban or unblock a link on facebook and there, you will be so happy that you have stumbled upon a way to lift up the blockage, but the question is does it work.

After trying or applying the methods given to you and you realize that it was a false, it doesn’t work. You will feel worst than before if possible three times the way you felt because you could not unblock a link on facebook.

This blog post is going to reveal to you and show you how to genuinely unblock a Link on Facebook. Now what am about to share with you is what has happened to me and what millions of people out there are looking for. So trust me when I say “experience is the best teacher” you can ever have. When it happened to me I was so sad and devastated but I never gave up. I came across all manner of methods which I used but didn’t work. I have My facebook page which I created and linked it with my blog, so you can imagine my blog URL was blocked on facebook. I couldn’t type my link anywhere in facebook.

There were so many methods that I used which you will see below, may be similar methods that you have come across on the hunt for how to unblock a link on facebook:

Method used on how to unblock a Link on Facebook

1. The first method I used was to click the “let us know” link to report the mistake that i saw which i did almost every day but my blog link was still blocked. All I kept getting was automated replies. See below

2. The second method I used was my fans: I thought maybe due to the high number of complains, my request might not be seen and possibly buried among too many other messages. So I asked my fans on my page to help me make complaint as well. With the hope that if the complain was much, they will look into it but unfortunately, after gathering like almost 200 of my fans to help, it still didn’t work.

3. Thirdly I Used a URL shortener: When I got my URL shorten, I was so happy thinking it would work but it didn’t. Now what people fail to understand is that a URL shortner is still the same as your main link. What the URL shortener did was just to shorten it for me, once inserted into facebook, you will be notified instantly. Below is an image that you will see if you use a URL shortner of any kind either by Google, bitly or any other when you are blocked.

But mind you URL shortener is cool; you can use it anywhere that’s if you are not banned of course. Click to get your URL shortener for google and for bitly .

4. I kept asking myself how can my site that has an SSL certificate from one of the best web hosting companies in the world HOSTGATOR be malicious and harmful. So I decided to run a scan on my site with secure sitecheck which is really good and helpful to see if my site was harmful and malicious or may be it has been blocked or blacklisted by some search engine so to make it sound more convincing and to be sure it was safe, so I scanned it and sent the screenshot to Facebook but still nothing. But still I never gave up.

5. To show you how desperate I was, I even joined the facebook developer group on facebook just to get help but still nothing.
At that point, I started feeling cranky and I needed to be smart about this issue of how to unblock a link on facebook because I was losing my likes on my facebook page and I was getting so many messages from my fans; that my site is malicious and as well losing traffic to my site. I mean 60% of my traffic is facebook. I thought of something that is common to everybody and everywhere.

The Amazing thing I did on how to unblock a link on facebook i.e that got my link unblocked and unbanned within 48hours will surprise you. Ever since I created my page, I have never made any boost of any kind on my page. Never have I ever boosted my
POST, PAGE, CALL TO ACTION BUTTON AND WEBSITE. So I said to myself let me try boosting my link i.e (website) see if they would consider. So I clicked boost my website. I mean everybody loves money, but they rejected said the same thing they always say “link blocked”.

I now went and located the
facebook business link for billing and payments, with the image below, you will see additional support email, which i clicked on it and filled in the form but you most be signed in. Telling them that i want to advertise my link through my facebook page but i am been told my link is blocked and or banned. See image below for “additional support”

AND THAT WAS IT. I submitted an appeal form that was different from the other forms I was filling in which I was asked to fill in some of my personal detail and I did. After I was through I submitted the form, and I prayed…. LOL!!! YES I DID. To fill the form, click HERE .Below is the preview of the form.

Guess what happened. 6hrs later I received a call from a strange number. Guess what again? It was ( facebook billing and support department) calling. I was asked some few questions about my facebook account and page and I told them I need to boost my website link but I was told my link was banned and taken as a malicious link, he asked the questions and I did the answering confidently and excitedly, you know it’s not every day you receive such calls.

After the conversation he said my link will be unbanned and he will call me to let me know once it’s done. And that was it. The next day I received a reply on the mail I sent telling me the link has been unbanned then 30minutes later I received a call from the same person that called me the other day saying the block has been lifted.
Then I boosted my facebook page containing my (link) for just $2. That was it. Just see how $2 saved me so much stress.
Note that the images, forms and URLs are mostly mobile responsive because it is easier to navigate to those particular areas than a laptop or system. So when viewing them on a system, it is going to give you are mobile view but you still archive your aim.

There are several reasons on why you can be blocked but since no one get feedback from any Facebook staff, and then you just have to be careful of the below:

Traffic from Facebook to Blog might be too high, so FaceBook thought the site was spammy.

Blogspot has too many spammy sites, so they might think it’s one too.

Your link might be reported to facebook constantly and they might take it as spam

Using too many images from 3rd party URL.
Posting too many links to facebook, groups or friends in same group, timeline and friends

They didn’t like me not paying for any FaceBook ads but still get so many likes on my page, clicks to my site and shares


Thank You.

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