This is an open letter to those self acclaimed slay queens, it is a word that is meant to educate, teach and also possibly change your ways for good we know you are that lady who seeks attention on social media . You are the girl who doesn’t respect her relationship or marriage. You are the most expensively dressed, not decently dressed too. You dont respect the sanity of womanhood you did not carry yourself with much dignity. You have so many ‘likes’ on your pictures, wearing heavy makeups too. But have you for once think of your purpose in life and what you can do with your hands except from applying “dulux paint ” (make up) to your retarded face. Due to series of abortions carried you have done or number of peels taken to stop
premarital pregnancy, most slay queens have died of so many medically complicated death, you fall victims as a result of your love for more money to buy things which you will use to look more sexy rather than invest meaningfully, Most slay queens are the easiest prey in the hands of sugar daddies and rich men who are cronic ritualists. Most slay queens are queen bees of one fraternity or another.
Hence, any clash with other girls may result in a short out which may affect them too. They join cult to strengthen their wayward lifestyle and seek protection from retaliation,to them, once it ends, it never happened
nor existed. They lock up and expect a miracle. Some of you have seen their death through the wives of men they sleep with. Life is very short and money comes and goes. Use what you have(brain, hands, eyes, mind, conscience and principle,
not sex) to get what you want.
Your life is yours but how you live it affects other people around you. Karma is a bitch who knows no sorry. You have a future to protect my dear lady, stop being a slay queen today
because the society needs your positive service and need you to survive.

Yours Obediently


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